Bacteria and Other Pathogens That Magnesium Detox Fights

A series of articles on the above topic will help you get familiar with all the types of pathogens Magnesium Detox successfully fights. Every article will be illustrated with the relevant clinical cases from Dr. Grigorova’s practice. The clinical cases involve actual patients who gave their consent to be documented in our registers and to

Бактерии и други патогени, които се атакуват с „Магнезиев Детокс“

В поредица от статии, с горното заглавие, ще прочетете повече за всички видове патогени (бактериални или гъбични), които успешно се лекуват с „Магнезиев Детокс“. След всяка статия ще представяме и клинични случаи от практиката на д-р Григорова. Клиничните случаи са взети от реални пациенти, дали съгласието си за участие в нашите регистри и също така

Ancylostoma duodenale

This is a parasite found all around the world, in tropical and in temperate regions alike. In North America, Necator Americanus is common along with Ancylostoma, but both are known as Hookworm.  This parasite is equipped with 4 teeth to hook up with to the intestines and suck blood. Infective larvae penetrate the human host

Parasites in the Human Body, Temperate Climate – Part 2

The second type encompasses the roundworms, called also Nematodes (Nematoda). Roundworms, or nematodes, are the main cause for gastro-intestinal parasitic infections. They affect around 50% of the world population especially where climate is warm and sanitation is poor. The parasitic nematodes are not considered a major health issue in the countries with moderate climate and

Parasites in the Human Body, Temperate Climate – Part 1

“Intelligence is based on how efficient a species became at doing the things they need to survive.” “Parasitism is the highest form of predatory behavior”.  Charles Darwin The human species have always been a host to parasites, and along with the migration of humans, parasites too have managed to spread and adapt to hard-to-survive habitats. 

Giardia lamblia

The Giardia lamblia parasites usually are to be found in the intestines and the urinary tract of humans. They inflict severe damage. Who would think of testing for this parasite a young man suffering from high blood pressure or a seven-year-old girl affected by  massive weeping eczema all around her body, a four-year old boy

Giardia lamblia

Паразитите Giardia lamblia обичайно обитават червата и уринарната система на човека, но наличието им създава тежки последици. Кой би се досетил да изследва за този паразит младеж с хипертония или момиченце на 7 години с масивна мокра екзема по цялото тяло, или нощното напикаване на 4 годишно момченце, или периодична проява всеки месец на хрема

Trichomonas vaginalis

Trichomonas vaginalis is a unicellular motile protozoan.  Its size is microscopic (on average 10-20 µм) and cannot be seen with the naked eye.  The parasite reproduces by division every 8-12 hours. Characteristic of Trichomonas vaginalis is their ability to devour other microorganisms (bacteria) thus retaining pathogenic agents of other infections, including sexually transmitted diseases such

Trichomonas vaginalis

Trichomonas vaginalis е едноклетъчен, подвижен протозой с микроскопични размери (средно 10-20 µм), който е невидим с просто око. Паразитът се размножава чрез делене на всеки 8-12 часа. Характерна особеност на трихомоните е способността им да поглъщат други микроорганизми (бактерии), като по този начин задържат  патогенните причинители на други инфекции, включително и сексуално предавани, като например

Ascaris Lumbricoides – Children’s Worms

This is the largest of all intestinal nematodes.  In addition, it is one of the most common parasites in humans.  Children’s Worms are quite big round worms; the females reach 35 cm, while the males – 30 cm in length.  They reproduce sexually producing abundantly eggs.  Through human feces, they infect the soil, water, vegetables. By